Print Management and Document Management tools are focused on reducing costs and improving a businesses capacity to manage its printed documents. Using the best available solutions, CLS Ltd can help to introduce a copy and print controlled software which contributes significant benefits and allows businesses to manage their scalability as they grow.

Consider PaperCut, when:

a. You need to securely print documents anywhere across your printers and MFD fleet.
b. Management requires visibility of usage and costs.
c. Unnecessary printing results in wasted resources and affects your bottom line.

Find-Me Printing
Print to a single global queue, walk up and collect at any device.

Secure Print Release
Ensure sensitive documents don’t start printing until the user is there to collect.

Secure your Multifunction Printers
Stop unapproved usage. Validate access with swipe cards or device login.

Administer Centrally, Manage Easily
Get full visibility of device activity from anywhere with browser-based admin tools.

Track all Activity
Observe and Report on copy, scan and fax documents.

Interested in Papercut?

Why not contact us now and we can help explain the features and how they can benefit you specifically. CLS have helped many companies improve the way they operate and get far better visbility over their printing practices.